Haunting of CellBlock 11 is out on VOD!!

Several of us worked with Producer Andrew Jones and his cast & Crew on this Movie that was filmed at the Missouri State Penitentiary. Please check it out! It is a great fictional story of “reality tv” ghost hunters finding the “perfect” location. Great views of MSP and overall a film worth watching!

Haunting of Cellblock 11


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Good News about MSP!!

One of our favorite local investigation locations, good news to see both the State and City coming together to make sure it remains accessible!

MSP Mold Remediation funded!


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I’ve been uploading more videos!

I’ve been posting MSP Memories on the YouTube channel as well as unlocking previously private or unlisted videos! Check them out!

YouTube Video-Touching Experience!


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Bad News for 2013 MSP Tour Season

MSP Ends 2013 Tour season early due to Site Issues

As you know, Members of JCPI have been working for the Jefferson City Convention & Visitors Bureau on Ghost Tours, Paranormal Overnight Investigations and even a few Historic or Photographic Tours of the Missouri State Penitentiary (1836-2004) since 2010. It comes with great sadness to see that the unfunded neglect has caught up with the location and caused it’s closure again in 2013 as a Historic Tourist Attraction that has been enticing traveling guests from all over the world to Jefferson City, MO to see it’s dark history and experience the memories which are reported to still haunt the aging facility. It was hopeful that through cooperation of the State, City, the Redevelopment Committee and historic committees that the site could be allowed the investments needed to prevent this from happening.

At this time, I’d like to give special thanks to one of our founding members, Marie Lacey, who had the dream and made tireless contacts hoping to open the doors to MSP to paranormal groups. We still remember the day when we got the call to come have lunch at the CVB and a meeting in 2009.

Marie Lacey immediately took on the challenge to build a tour similar to the history tours, but with a haunted twist. The first draft shot down with the challenge to back up the stories with better credibility, she didn’t give up hope. Marie Lacey & Maggie Scott visited JCCC to meet with former, living residents of MSP prior to its closure to hear their stories. The goal, a badge number or inmate number to support the first hand tails we’d be reciting on our first tours until personal experiences would begin to shape our tales as we spent more time, willingly, behind the gates on the Prison.

It wasn’t long before Gary Lacey, Michael Joseph, Patrick Potts, Lupe Buckingham and others were guiding folks from all over through the limestone walls and lengthy corridors and darkened dungeon cells at night. This is a very special Thank You for all involved in all tours! But as the years passed David Freeman, Lisa Barrett, Michael Lear, Tom Wells, Adam Roberts, Taylor & Erin Buckingham, so many helped us keep up with the demand for tours and ghost hunts at MSP!

Special Thanks to Mark Schreiber, Michael Groose, Bill Green, Ray Miller, and so many others who were already sharing History and so graciously embraced us to teach us the history, and life at MSP and allowed us to learn everything we could from their experiences!

Special Thank You to the Conventions & Visitors Bureau Staff and former Director Steve Picker who saw the community desire for paranormal events, consulted with us and worked tirelessly to make it happen! Here is to hoping the same effort and more goes into planning, repairing and re-opening MSP for the world to enjoy again as a collaborative effort for all involved.

The other day I wrote on Facebook in response to another thread a dream for MSP. Today, this dream is more real than ever. I wish we could look at MSP in her historic awesomeness as an inmate herself. She has diligently served her time to our community in the interest of public safety and was paroled in 2004. In 2009, her life becoming much more public and open for all to see but still under the eye, the binding laws & control of her keepers. Like other former convicted felons, we release them to the world with conditions, and in time, we hope they become contributing, healthy members of society and eventually serve parole and live free again. While some history may be dark, the transmutation of lessons learned on the street, behind prison walls and back to freedom we can only hope they transform themselves into outstanding members of society.

I think we can agree, wouldn’t it be nice if MSP could do the same? Transform the historic buildings into new purpose whatever it may be? Tourism, museums, redevelopment, convention space? There will always be some who question how it honors their history, but the best way anyone can honor time served, is to rise above it and repurpose their life for a greater good of a community.

The taxpayers have paid over the years for MSP, it’s beyond time MSP was given to an agency or group who can give it back to the people. Restore the structures and stop the damages that accrue everyday she sits captive to legislation and underfunded budgets. Through private and public donations of time, materials and even money, it’s time the community needs to turn the tables on MSP. MSP protected us from our feared segment of society for years with her towering walls and razor sharp wire. Now it’s the communities turn to protect our history by tearing down legislative divides, supporting the structures that survived so many moments in our history.

When the time comes, I hope our community, the State, The Country and our foreign friends will help us in the goal to give MSP and her memories back to the community!

And as much as the dark, bloody history of MSP has touched our lives, we hope other paranormal groups get an opportunity to respectfully promote history and investigative opportunities in your own communities and know the joy, sweat, tears, endless hours of equipment set-up and mouth gaping what just happened moments MSP has brought us over the years!

Thank you to all the guests and teams who shared Missouri State Penitentiary’s “The Walls” 2009-2013 with us!








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Paranormal Task Force honoring Tom Halstead’s paranormal Photography Oct 5

If you are interested, join members of PTF in honoring the late Tom Halstead’s paranormal photography in an art exhibit/gallery showing on October 5th!

Cape Arts featuring Tom Halstead’s Photography

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Ghost Hunters are returning to MSP!

Ideal Events Management – Missouri State Penitentiary


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Equinox Extravaganza in Alton, IL Sept 21!

Come hang out with Michael Joseph & Adam Roberts at the Mineral Springs Hotel! Michael will be speaking as well as guest speakers Steven LaChance, Dr. Michael Henry and Dr. Michael Lynch at the event. Free for afternoon event! Tours $35 and an overnight investigation $85 as well after!

Haunted Fall Equinox Extravaganza at Mineral Springs

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Last month was a great event at MSP!

While I admit I’m not the biggest fan of paranormal television (MichaelJ), all of us did have a great time working with Jefferson City’s Conventions & Visitors Bureau and Ideal Event Management hosting TAPS’ Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango and John Zaffis, Haunted Collector at The Walls! I’ll say Steve is exactly like his television persona! Amy, very bright and certainly knowledgable in all things paranormal! Adam Berry wowed us with his pipes! I didn’t get much time with Dave, but he was certainly a nice guy!


Adam Berry covers Open Arms






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Shack Hack Session at MSP Aug 2014

Hello all! Sorry the updates have been so slow coming! We’ve been very busy these last two years! But here is a ghost box session from Death Row for your enjoyment!

This is the only place to find this version of the video! The ghost box said Joel, so Joel is included here!

MSP Death Row Ghost Box Session -full version.

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Testing, testing

For those who knew we were attempting a live stream this evening:

It is not working :(

Unfortunately the wifi is not connecting and it is not looking good to resolve tonight.

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